Jan 16 – 2014 Program: BC Quality Assurance for Medical Devices

On Thursday, January 16, Janet Bristeir, CEO of Canadian Best-Practice Quality Audits Inc., will be presenting:

janetBristeirBritish Columbia Quality Assurance for Medical Devices
(Cleaning, Disinfection and Dterilization Prior to Reuse)

In Canada, we pride ourselves on Quality Assurance standards that our Health Authorities and Private/ Public partnerships are measured against.

In 2002, the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua), the organization that “accredits the accreditors,” stated that “one third of healthcare standards worldwide have taken their lead from Accreditation Canada.”

In 2007 several of the Ministries of Health across Canada developed Best Practice Guidelines for cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of critical and semi-critical medical devices.

In British Columbia we also developed a mandatory annual audit process to ensure these guidelines are followed.

Janet will be speaking about background to the BC Best Practice Guidelines, the audit process and the accomplishments made in this area by one of the largest Health Authorities in BC since the inception of the BC Best Practice Guidelines and its annual audits.

Quality Clinic TBD.

As always, by attending this event ASQ members will earn 0.3 Recertification Units towards their recertification.

About the Keynote speaker:

Janet Bristeir is trained as a Registered Nurse in England. She specializes in operating room nursing and the reprocessing of surgical instruments and devices. In Canada, she studied quality assurance as part of her Health Record Administrator training. Decades of clinical experience qualifies and allows her to bring a wealth of knowledge to quality assurance projects.

Bristeir works with facilities to ensure processes needed to produce clean, disinfected and sterile equipment are carried out to the highest quality standards. Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Bristeir co-authored, with members of the Simon Fraser University Medical Tourism Research Group, published papers in 2011 and 2013. Bristeir works closely with the BC Ministry of Health. Bristeir is the CEO of Canadian Best-Practice Quality Audits Inc.