Keynote: Innovate, Improve, Motivate…Unleashing The Potential Within Us

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In their book, The Discipline of Market Leaders (1997), authors Treacy and Wiersma conclude that companies must choose and achieve – market leadership –  in one of three competitive strategies and perform strongly in the other two; operational excellence, customer intimacy and product leadership. For the past 4 years’ Alpha technologies has been on a journey to strengthen its foundations in product leadership and operational excellence with a 2017-2020 drive towards customer intimacy and providing the “Ultimate Customer Experience “.  We will discuss Alphas operational excellence journey across Quality, Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Logistics and how continual improvement and innovation have been a cornerstone of our approach.  From this vantage point we will uncover the next steps to developing a close and seamless handshake between Alpha and our customers wants and needs.


About Alex Chassels

Alex is the Vice President of Operations for Alpha Technologies Ltd, a BC-based leader in the design and manufacture of power solutions for Telecom, Traffic, Security, and Renewable Energy industries. Alex has led the company’s Operations including Quality, Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Logistics through five consecutive years of record sales and customer growth. He understands that making the movement of products easy to see and understand is one of our great opportunities. Prior to Alpha Technologies, Alex was with Kodak, where he specialized in operational program management generating in excess of US$30 mil in annualized savings from global sourcing opportunities, portfolio rationalizations to sales structure and commissioning adjustments. He holds a BA in Philosophy and Chemistry from the University of Arizona. When asked why he loves Operations, Alex answers, “I love Lego, who doesn’t love Lego?, End-to-end operations is Lego for adults that also allows us to make a positive social impact through the decisions we make”.