The Future of the Quality Profession

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It is not necessary to change. Survival is optional” – this quote from Lean thinking commonly attributed to Edward Deming is particularly pertinent to our today’s reality, when changes in our environment are happening at the most rapid pace than ever before. The change is driven by technological advances, innovative practices, new competition, growing customer expectations, the globalization and the new face of the modern workforce. Influenced both by external and internal forces the way companies do business is not the same –and the ability to survive through the crises is definitely not enough on its own in the modern marketplace.

In the 21st century business environment the roles of Quality Profession and Leadership have to adapt in order to be able to effectively lead organizations to success through change and innovation. The international family of Standards for Quality Management Systems ISO: 9000 itself has gone through a significant revision to more closely align QMS with the Strategic decision-making process.

How to go beyond the traditionally accepted methods by building on top of the existing success while empowering people to use innovative tools and strategies to stay abreast of what is coming? This presentation will discuss the emerging role of the Quality professional as a Strategic visionary who is enabling organizations to stay ahead of the game by dismantling unnecessary hierarchies, proactively focusing on what will truly matter tomorrow and to achieve their goals through innovation and breakthrough partnerships. How will we move from fighting the fires of the past choices to building the foundations of new and progressive organizations of the future? How will we continue to add sustainable value in the ever changing environments? What Legacy will we leave?

There is a lot of work ahead of us – but the future of the Quality Profession is bright, and it is with us.


About Natella Isazada

Natella Isazada spent over 15 years working in the fields of Quality Management and Organizational Excellence in manufacturing and service environments. ASQ member since 2004, Natella has been trained as ISO 9000 Series Lead auditor (IRCA) as well as CQA and CMQ/OE with ASQ.

Natella holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration from University of Nebraska, Omaha with concentration in General Management and a Law Degree from the Moscow State Social University. For the past 10 years Natella has been working as a Quality and Occupational Health & Safety Manager for PPI Canada, a world class Design & Manufacturing company, in its Surrey, BC location.

She has been a speaker at several Quality and Business Excellence events and authored numerous publications on Quality management, Project management, ISO:9000 family of standards. She is passionate about personal and professional growth and shares her thoughts on her blog “Quality in Quality Out” at