Rocky Mountain Quality Conference 2013
February 6-9

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We will not have a program meeting in January. Our next program meeting is tentatively scheduled for February 19th. We will announce the registration and inform membership as soon as the details of the program are finalized.

if you are interested in taking a local Six Sigma Green Belt course please send an email to the education chair at

Holiday Season 2012

Best of the Season from your ASQ Vancouver Section Leadership Team

“Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas.”

~ Peg Bracken                       

Where did the year go?! It seems only yesterday that I completed the last “Notes from the Chair” for the holiday season and here we are looking at the beginning of a brand new year. Time flies when you’re having fun and the ASQ Vancouver Section Leadership Committee (SLC) and our members have certainly had an enjoyable 2012 that’s worth remembering.

There has been a tremendous amount of effort from our Programs co-chairs Nadia and Elena to provide our members with engaging, thought-provoking and fun Quality and Business Excellence programs. It can be challenging to find speakers on a monthly basis but each time, they have been able to secure speakers who bring a wealth of experience, expertise and, most importantly, a desire to share their business journeys with our members. In addition, the SLC made the decision to add extra value to our members by making sure each program starts with a Quality Clinic. By including these clinics, it assists members who are certified at ASQ by providing them with 0.6 Recertification units. Nadia and Elena have already planned the beginning of 2013 with more exciting events so make sure you check the website for more details!

Speaking of the website, Fara (our website Chair) has been ensuring our website stays current and topical. She is working to revamp the look of the website for 2013 so stay tuned! Fara, along with Amit (registration Chair), Nadia and Elena have made some changes to our registration process. Using a tool called EventBrite, it has greatly simplified our registration process while providing members the ability to pay online, check who is coming to the event and even link the events to various social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter! In addition, it allows us to analyze the registration data and send out surveys to our members so they can provide feedback on the programs. All of this allows us to be more responsive to the needs and wants of our members.

Also, our Community Good Works Chair Slobodan continues to develop an exciting partnership with Social Enterprise Dragons. This group provides non-profits with assistance to develop their organizations and we are working with them to provide Lean Six Sigma style projects. The hope is for our members to bring their extensive knowledge of Quality tools and methodologies to help their local community. If interested to help out, look for opportunities coming up in 2013.

We have had a number of other events that had developed over the last year including the First Annual Student Night run by our Student Liaison Jaclyn. This successful event, held at Staples Advantage, allowed 20 students from BCIT to experience real world applications of what they are learning in school by having a tour, being presented a problem from the warehouse and then working as teams to provide a solution. We also ran a Green Belt program coordinated by Don, our Education Chair and taught with Jackie, our Membership Chair. Another Green Belt course will run in 2013, depending on registration numbers.

Certification is always a big part of why people join ASQ and it was a busy year for Venu, our Certification Chair! He proctors, along with John Apostoli, all of the certification exams at BCIT and it’s always exciting to see our members’ eagerness to take the exams so that they can augment their careers by having an internally recognized certification from ASQ. As always, if you are interested in certification, contact Venu or check out our website.

Getting the word out on quality is another key drive for the ASQ Vancouver Section. Our Marketing Chair, Tony, has been doing a great job of getting our name out at various events and shows. Key to this year was our membership in the Vancouver Board of Trade (VBOT)! This is a great way to increase our name recognition and gives our members access to VBOT events and perks. Again, check out our website or email Tony for more details.

Providing assistance to support members and the efforts of ASQ Vancouver, the remainder of the SLC includes Dennis, John, Manjit, Rene, Jan, Hector, Mary and Sandra. They have all worked hard this year to drive extra value for our members! We all look forward to continuing this commitment in 2013. Of course, we are always looking for members who are interested to join the SLC team…just email or see me at one of the programs!

On behalf of the SLC of ASQ Vancouver, we wish all of our members a wonderful Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year!


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